The Bedford Fencing Academy

The Bedford Fencing Academy

the-bedford-fencing-club-300x224 The Bedford fencing adacemy is a proud member of the British Fencing association and is the only fencing club in the area of Bedford. Our goal has always been to offer some of the best coaches and provide a healthy and exciting environment for young talents. With members of our fencing club competing at international events with great success we’re proud to say that the club is now 15 years old. We cater all kinds of fencing enthusiasts from young amateurs that have never held a Sabre to professionals which are trained for the biggest fencing events in the world. Our club is a dedicated three weapon club offering Foil, Epee and Sabre to everyone willing to put in the efforts and learn the ropes in this amazing sport, which many define as art.

Our club is dedicated to safeguarding and protecting children and we’re actively promoting children’s safety and everyone in the building where the training courses are being held are CRB checked.

Here at the  Bedford Fencing Academy we believe that the protection of children and the elderly from all forms of abuse is the most important thing, and as a community oriented club, everyone working at the club, along with the coaches try to keep the place as safe and pleasant for the children as possible.

Our training courses

We’ve got training courses for people with all kinds of experience, from newbies and amateurs, to advanced and competing athletes. Our courses start every 4 weeks and we’ve got an extensive professional eight week beginners-course to fencing. We work seven days a week and although there are people at our sports center all day, the training courses with trainers start at around 6 pm every week day and run until around 8-9 pm.

Gear and equipment

We provide all the necessary gear and equipment and if you don’t have your own that’s perfectly fine. Fencing is not for everybody and we can not require anyone to buy the expensive gear in order to try if that’s their sport. In order to make sure that there’s gear which will fit everyone from kids to adults, we’ve invested in getting the best blades, pants, gloves and grips for every single type of fencer. Our coaches will make sure to pick the right gear for you from the start and once you feel ready, you’ll get plenty of advises on what gear to chose and buy for yourself.

As fencing isn’t the most common sport known to men, which is something we at Bedford Fencing realize, we’ve made sure that the prices of our courses are affordable and accessible to the average citizen.

At just 70 quid for the 8-week course, our fencing academy is one of the cheapest ones you will find in the UK and definitely the cheapest way for you to try whether you are made for this sport or not. The building of our club is located in the East part of Bedford where you could also come and watch our great students practice fencing at a really reasonable price as well. We do offer standard admission packages that you can buy from our website directly. This being said, there are annual subscriptions for our club which provide a great discount of about 30% on a yearly basis.